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Industry of the future

At the CFIA, an "Industry of the future" space in line with the Occitanie agri-food contract

Initiated since 2019, the Occitanie Agrifood Contract was developed by professionals in the sector, with the operational management of the Occitanie Agricultural Cooperation and the Occitanie AREA and the financial support of the Occitanie region and the State.

It pursues the ambition of "developing in Occitania a healthier and more sustainable food pleasure, with value-creating companies throughout the territory".

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This strategic vision is articulated around 10 operational actions and is translated concretely at the CFIA by a stand dedicated to the industry of the future to help industrialists, SMEs, VSEs or ETIs in the food industry, to identify with rapid return, to determine their roadmap for a transformation towards the industry of the future and its implementation.

The regional industry of the future course, a program led by the Occitanie Region, in financial partnership with the State

It aims to support 400 companies in the regional territory over the period 2020-2022 through a diagnostic and advisory service by service providers referenced by the Region.

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On the dedicated "industry of the future" space at the CFIA, the partners mandated by the Occitanie Region promote this system, to raise awareness, provide support with experts in the sector and solution providers and inform about the financial support offered.

Over half-days, major targeted themes are developed, such as "Quality and traceability / Automation and robotics / Supply chain / Energy / Logistics associated with e-commerce...".

Main themes of the half-days

Tuesday, September 20

09:00 - 13:30

Supply chain

The companies present are:
TIMCOD Sud-Ouest
Cyber Assistance Conseil gilles Boissou
In Extenso Innovation Croissance

13:30 - 18:00

Energetic performance

The companies present are:
In Extenso Innovation Croissance

Wednesday September 21

09:00 - 13:30

Quality and traceability

The companies present are:

13:30 - 18:00

Automation and robotics

The companies present are:
SPIE Industrie
PL Autimation

Thursday September 22

09:00 - 13:30

E-commerce and E-logistics

The companies present are:

Innovation partners

This competitiveness cluster works in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, the objective being to bring key players together and generate effective and innovative collaborations between companies and public research. The Cluster has 420 members, private and public organizations working in the agriculture, agri-food and agro-resource sectors, mainly based in Occitania and New Aquitaine. It also integrates cooperatives as well as many suppliers related to the process, products, digital, digital, or even robotics.
Contact: - Tel: 05 61 32 13 60

The CCIs of Occitanie support companies throughout their life and according to the challenges and needs: development, internationalization, training, structuring of sectors... They promote responsible economic development in Occitanie, by offering new services, by producing qualitative and forward-looking information and promoting practices and innovations that respond to digital, environmental and societal challenges. They stimulate entrepreneurial dynamics, links and partnerships by leading a network of reference players - public and private - to multiply the positive impacts on the territory. They lead the link between companies and public authorities, on the one hand, by carrying the voice and interests of these companies to the institutions, and on the other hand, by relaying and deploying public policies locally.
Contact: Flavien Soler, Regional Digital and Factory of the Future Manager - Tel: 04 67 13 68 29 -

Created in 2018 by the Occitanie Region, the economic development agency supports companies with the aim of creating growth and employment throughout the territory.

The AREA leads and federates a vast network of more than 300 agri-food companies in Occitanie, of all sizes and all sectors. The dynamics of the network offers each company the opportunity to achieve what it could not create alone and to optimize its performance, synergies created by a real collective force, vector of exchanges of experiences and solidarity between managers. The AREA is now the official intermediary for agri-food companies in Occitanie with economic and technical players, public authorities and all consumers.
Contact: - Tel: 04 67 04 30 80
Anne Gérard: - Tel: 06 73 34 47 28

It represents the 500 agricultural and agri-food cooperatives and their subsidiaries, and defends their interests with public authorities and regional and national bodies. It also promotes the cooperative model and products to farmers, civil society and consumers and contributes to the structuring and running of regional sectors. It is a key player in the service of the development, security and sustainability of cooperatives, in connection with territorial specificities and in all sectors.
Contact: - Tel: 05 61 75 42 82 - Sandrine Arènes: - Tel: 06 31 29 88 46

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Fabrice Peltier

Fabrice Peltier est reconnu comme étant un expert du design packaging pionnier de l’écoconception qui œuvre pour un emballage responsable, plus respectueux de l’environnement.

Il intervient comme consultant et accélérateur de créativité en éco-design pour toute la filière de l’emballage (industriels de l’emballage, metteurs sur le marché et éco-organisme).

Il donne régulièrement des conférences et écrit dans de multiples journaux professionnels, dont Emballages Magazine pour qui il réalise des analyses d’emballages depuis plus de vingt ans.

Il est aussi l’auteur de nombreux ouvrages dont : La Révolution de l’emballage en 2020 et Pourquoi et comment entrer dans la Révolution en 2022.

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