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The Agri-Sud-Ouest Innovation Competitiveness Cluster leads a large network crossing the scientific, economic and institutional worlds.
The Cluster's ecosystem is accompanied by innovation players including start-ups such as companies or innovative research structures that have been present in the landscape for a longer time. Eight of them will thus be present at the CFIA Toulouse Innovation Village and will give a concrete overview of the innovations proposed for agri-food companies.

In a space of nearly 60 m², adjacent to the Industry of the Future stand, eight start-ups will be present at the CFIA Toulouse Innovation Village and will give a concrete overview of the innovations proposed for agri-food companies.

Discover the exhibitors and startups of the Innovation Village!

Understand your energy challenges, make the right decisions, save energy. Quite simply.
Lowatt, a young Occitan company, accompanies you to simply allow you to understand your energy challenges and save energy. Thanks to the structuring, the reliability of your energy data and our expert view, you will make the right decisions and put in place actions without investments that are in line with your budget and energy-climate issues.


Sylvain THENAULT, Chairman, -

Go zero waste! Pandobac provides packaging reuse solutions to replace your single-use packaging.
Expert in the reuse of packaging, Pandobac supports companies and communities in their projects to reduce single-use packaging. All packaging is covered: from primary packaging for packaging and sale to tertiary packaging for transport. Pandobac intervenes from the upstream feasibility study to the implementation, by providing concrete solutions that take into account the operational realities of the field.

Anaïs RYTERBAND, Commercial Director,

Collection, processing and recovery of co-products.
We are a multidisciplinary and committed team, which works hand in hand with food and agriculture professionals to fight against food waste and bring value to materials considered as waste.
Our approach consists in collecting, transforming and enhancing co-products from different productions into functional ingredients that are 100% biosourced and participate in the circular economy.

Frédéric MAUNY, Chairman, -

The requirement of training and research, recognized and efficient: 10 high-level platforms, laboratories and centers of excellence, including three units at the service of innovation in the food industry.
Located in Toulouse, the PURPAN School of Engineering was created in 1919 and trains more than 1,300 students each year in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Agrifood, Marketing and Management.
Almost all PURPAN teacher-researchers are engaged in Research, Development and Consulting activities during which they confront their skills with the demands of professionals. Associated with the best French research organizations (INRAe, CNRS...), the PURPAN teams aim to meet the expectations of professional circles, to develop lasting partnerships, and to explore emerging fields.
The school has 10 high-level platforms, laboratories and centers of excellence, including 3 (the Food Technology Hall, the TFFFC platform and the TOAsT platform) serving innovation in the food industry, which host experiments and research work. search for teacher-researchers and doctoral students.

Dr Frédéric VIOLLEAU, Director of Research, -

Bring care and value to your Fruits and Vegetables while responding to environmental issues on packaging.
The FAVORITE team and its partners design and install high-performance solutions that meet your expectations and needs. You get a complete and fully integrated solution followed by technical support. All our machines are connected and can be controlled (diagnostics) from our offices.
Favorite Packing notably offers solutions without plastic materials, produces personalized and eco-responsible solutions for the packaging of products by constantly innovating to respond to the rapid changes affecting packaging issues. Products: Favorite Paper, Zero-plastic bag, eco-responsible bag (paper + window), Favorite Packing (custom bags and trays).


Jean-Luc DELCASSE, Chairman, -

Your innovative High-Pressure misting system with applications for disinfection of volumes and surfaces or control of hygrometry.
The ALFE-EAU company offers HP misting systems to create a fresh space with multiple applications: for your fresh produce display cases, for the comfort of your customers on the terrace, but also for animal well-being, water control. hygrometry in greenhouses... A complete service and follow-up in compliance with health standards.

Patrice BONNES, Leader, -

ORÏGIN is a company created in 2020 to market vegetable preparations with characteristics that are still unique on the market, 100% grown in France, healthy organic.
ORÏGIN's flagship product is the vegetable mince, obtained by an exclusive manufacturing process, without additives, without preservatives, without methylcellulose and which serves as a basis for the manufacture of vegetable burgers and many culinary preparations, with an exceptional mouthfeel. .
The current range, based on soybeans, is being extended to other sources of vegetable protein such as fava beans and peas, with the same concern for quality, in particular taste.
Thanks to its exclusive manufacturing process, the soy-based mince has a reduced content of 89% in Isoflavones (endocrine disruptor present naturally) which makes it unique on the market.

Patrick FOURNIER, Founding President, -
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